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To assist you in transforming your business operation for internet accessibility.


Site development and maintenance are offered. What is known as the LAMP platform of Open source technologies are used primarily (Linux, Apache, Mysql and PHP). Two alternative ecommerce solutions are presented for enabling businesses in this way - osCommerce and Interchange.  These solutions can be adapted for a variety of purposes, including traditional retail sales, digital goods delivery, B2B parts re-ordering, order processing, content management, customer service, reporting and analysis, and personalization. As the backend makes use of a MySQL database, they can be integrated with other systems as well.
Conversions of existing shopping cart solutions are offered, working with the underlying data sources, as well as custom database web solutions.

About Open Source

Open Source Software has been an evolving force that is distinguished from proprietary software in several ways:
Probably the best known open source project is the Linux operating system, which had its beginnings in 1991.
The Apache Web Server is another open source project, which has maintained a lead over its rivals, as can statistically be seen at Netcraft.
Major open source projects constantly undergo testing and improvements.
For virtually every area of commercial software development, there are open source equivalents.
For example:

Web Browsers: Firefox
Office Application Suite: StarOffice
Database: MySQL, PostgreSQL
File and Print Server: Samba

Open source software does not run exclusively on Linux, as more projects are running on Microsoft platforms as well.

The software development products that Calgary Ecommerce Services uses have a previous proven track record. Interchange is the evolution of another product, Minivend, which got started in 1995, and OsCommerce was started in 2000.


There is no charge for an initial consultation. Development charges are quoted on a per project basis.  Maintenance can be arranged on a monthly basis.

About Calgary Ecommerce Services

Owned and operated by Stanley Major, who has been involved in information technology services for over 20 years, in roles including computer operation, analysis, programming, testing, conversions, end user support, documentation and project management.  At Calgary Ecommerce Services, not only are SSL, FTP, HTML, Unix and SQL spoken, but so is English!


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